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5 Essential Global Climate Change Investments According to Experts

Media, September 10, 2019

A recent report from the BBC suggests that investing $1.8 trillion in climate change over the next 10 years could help us to reduce our carbon emissions and make us more sustainable as a species.


According to the Global Commission on Adaptation, the world needs to become ‘climate change resilient’ fast to prevent disaster. A pivotal part of this mission revolves around producing strategies to become more adaptive to our planet’s state.

As outlined in by the Global Commission of Adaptation, these are the five essential investments we must make within the next decade to become more adaptive and responsive to climate change:

Weather warning systems: For vulnerable island and coastal communities, timely warnings concerning storms, extreme high tides, and a host of other weather-based abnormalities saves lives. Improved weather monitoring and navigable apps for fishing communities in the Cook Islands, for instance, empowers people to plan their trips according to forthcoming sea conditions.

Infrastructure improvements: Developing more robust roads, buildings, and bridges that can withstand the changing climate is essential. One particular project in New York City is in the process of painting rooftops white – a heat-reflecting strategy to cool down buildings and neighbourhoods during intense periods of heat.


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Dry-land agricultural enhancements: Tactics as simple as helping farmers to change to more drought-resistant varieties of coffee crop could prevent hunger and ensure economic stability.

Mangroves protection and preservation: Underwater mangrove forests protect around 18 million people from coastal flooding, but developments are wiping them out. Restoration projects could protect vulnerable communities from storms while boosting the productivity of fisheries.

Water: Protecting water supplies while driving down water wastage will prove vital in helping to tackling climate change.


“Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much, about climate change. Today we have no excuse.”—Desmond Tutu 

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