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7 Lessons on Corporate Sustainability Strategies

Media, June 06, 2019

During an eight-year study, field leading researchers have identified seven key areas of consideration for any organization looking to become more sustainable.

According to the corporate sustainability study from The Boston Group and MIT Sloan Management Review, the mission was to enhance the knowledge about the organizational adoption of sustainability practices, to improve initiatives across the globe.

Here, we outline the key areas for consideration for any organization looking to become more sustainable.

7 key areas of corporate sustainability

#1 Have a Vision and Set Goals Implement a sustainability strategy – more action, less talk.

#2 Material Issues are Key By focusing on material issues, it is easier to add value and turn a profit.

#3 Set Individual Business Unit Objectives Make every business accountable for their own objectives to improve profitability.

#4 Innovation and Business Model Make changes to business models and innovation to capitalize on sustainability opportunities.

#5 Business Case Development Take time to develop a compelling business case for your sustainability goals and objectives.

#6 Get Buy-In from Your C-Level Executives Drive sustainability objectives throughout the organization by getting everybody, including Senior-Level Management, on board.

#7 Create a value creation proposal for Investors Sustainability performance matters to Investors. Have a compelling story that clearly outlines your sustainability strategy and goals could be key when investment decisions need to be made.

See the full list at The Boston Group and MIT Sloan Management Review

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