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making business greener.
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Making business greener by adapting best energy and environmental technology and industry practices to remain sustainable and profitable.
Slogan for ENERGY SHOW 2020
Business potential in a greener future.
ENERGY SHOW Background

Regardless of industry, one will be influenced by increasing demands for energy security and environmental considerations. No one has immunity to the increasing public focus on harmful emissions. In parallel, digital technologies will influence established business models. New markets and players will arise and traditional ones will cease to exist.

Oil companies become energy companies. Shipping is subject to increasingly stringent emission requirements. The transport industry meets Amazon and self-driving cars. Construction companies must make energy use more efficient. The large industrial companies must convert their production to low emissions. Banking and finance check customers’ environmental accounts. Large and small entrepreneurial companies are actively working on more environmentally friendly and energy optimizing technology.

The development can go much faster than you think. Who predicted that digital 3D printing could replace the production of solid metal objects? Or that 5G will be able to manage production, distribution and consumption more environmentally friendly and cost effective? Or that shareholders can force the multinational oil companies to include customers’ emissions in their climate goals? Or that German regional companies will expand wind power along the Norwegian coast?

Through public inquiries, a lot of good work has been done to map the challenges in the different industries. Also internally in each industry, attention is great towards how to survive exploiting the challenges to their own advantage. Less attention is paid to the fact that an isolated industry problem is often a challenge that many people share. There are therefore great business opportunities in being able to look beyond their own industry. This is what ENERGY SHOW 2020 focuses on.

At ENERGY SHOW, different industries will meet to discuss common challenges and solutions. Through conferences, seminars, purchasers meeting suppliers, exhibition and social gatherings, large and small players will be inspired to expand their contact network and customer base. Attendees will get increased insight into the latest technological developments, and the opportunity to experience Best Practice in other industries.

UN sustainable goals related to energy
ENERGY SHOW is committed to empowering sustainable development for everyone, and ensuring everyone has access to the benefits technology provides and the opportunities it creates.

“Clean energy for everybody”

Securing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. Access to energy is about jobs, security, climate change, food production and increased income.

“Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and innovation”

Investments in transports, irrigation systems, energy, IT and renewable energies are needed.

“Responsible production and consumption patterns”

Less use of resources, environmental destruction and climate gas will give economic growth and increase life quality.

“Stop climate change”

Reduce emissions, capture and store CO2 and investing in renewables requires global solutions. If temperatures rise above 2 degrees, climate changes will become uncontrollable.

United Nations Sustainable Goals

JUNE 9-11

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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

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