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France is Planning to Add ‘Eco-Tax’ to Its Airfares

Media, August 28, 2019

As reported by BBC News—France is planning to add an ‘eco-tax’ to all flights from the nation’s airports. Confirmed by the French government, this new tax will apply to domestic and outbound flights only.


According to Transport Minister, Elisabeth Borne, France’s eco-tax is expected to raise around €180m ($202m; £162m) from the year 2020. And, the level of taxation will depend on the type of ticket purchased.

Economy class tickets on flights within France or the EU will become subject to a tax of €1.50 while business-class tickets for flights out of the EU will be subject to the premium eco tariff of €18.

In a conversation with the press, Ms Borne confirmed that the money raised by the tax will be used to invest in less-pollutant forms of transportation including rail.

The European Union (EU) says that without action, CO2 emissions from aviation will rise by up to 300% by 2050an issue that the world’s leaders must tackle with haste.

Read the full story at BBC News.

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