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What is Green Energy and Why Is It Integral to Our Future?

Media, July 25, 2019

“Renewable energy is an essential part of our strategy of decarbonization, decentralization, as well as digitalization of energy.”Isabelle Kocher

For a long time, people have considered the subject of energy as tiresome but a global awakening has made people take a long, hard look at the state of our planet and how we treat it.

We need energy—but at what cost? Recent environmental reports have revealed that our planet is reaching a crisis point, with dwindling natural resources, global warming, and alarming pollution levels at the very heart of the problem.

Circling back to resources: the way we’ve been sourcing and consuming our energy has been far from friendly to the environment. But, there is hope—and it comes in the form of green energy.

The green energy economy is now worth as much as the fossil fuel sector. Here we look at the concept of green energy, its global importance, and why it will play an integral part in our future.

What is green energy?

At its core, green energy is derived from natural sources like wind, rain, sunlight, tides, plants, algae, and geothermal heat as opposed to synthetic or fossil fuels. As a result of their organic origins, all forms of green energy are renewable and have a far less negative impact on the environment than fossil fuels. And as green technologies progress, we expect them to replace the traditional energy sources present in the electricity, water, heating, and vehicle fuel sectors.

Here’s an excellent overview of renewables from the National Geographic:

The future is now: the hard facts

Fossil fuels, along with a wealth of the other non-sustainable energy practices we as humans have carried out in recent decades, have caused immense harm to the planet. And to reverse or at least neutralise some of this damage, we have to take immediate action—the future is now.

To put the importance of green energy into perspective, here are some hard-hitting facts you should know:

  • For the planet to sustain itself, we must keep 80% of our fossil fuel resources in the ground. Crossing over this line will upset the planet’s natural systems, causing chaos.
  • Harmful carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal make up some 44% of the world’s total.
  • Petroleum use accounts for almost half the carbon emissions in the US alone, and around a third of the world’s total.
  • Despite being greener than coal, natural gas is still responsible for a fifth of the globe’s ‘fugitive emissions‘.

Fossil fuels pollute air and water, have a detrimental impact on human health, and using them as primary energy sources is slowly killing the planet—green energy is a viable solution to this pressing global issue.

Green energy now


Why green energy is the future

While it won’t solve all of our environmental problems, green energy will certainly help in the fight for a brighter, more prosperous future.

Studies show that renewable energy can provide 80% of electricity in the US alone by 2050. And, as more countries, as well as leading energy influencers, follow suit, a global migration to green energy sources seems inevitable.

The costs of renewable energy are dropping, new sustainable technologies are emerging constantly, and a host of countries including China, the US, Brazil, India, as well as nations across Europe have increased their green investments over the past two years.

Solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric and marine energy sources are becoming widely adopted across the globe and are already producing positive results in prominent pockets of the globe.

As global environmental policies change for the better and consumers become more conscious about their personal energy consumption, the green energy sector will only get stronger. And where there’s profit, there’s action.

It’s true that green energy alone can’t tackle the wider issue of climate change but by securing a low carbon future, it will help, enormously. New groundbreaking green initiatives lie on the horizon and over the next 12 months, we’ll be exploring these innovations in detail.

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